Villagers step up fight against turbines

Villagers from Kearby, Sicklinghall and Kirkby Overblow who attended the anti wind turbine meeting. (S)
Villagers from Kearby, Sicklinghall and Kirkby Overblow who attended the anti wind turbine meeting. (S)

Protestors spearheading a campaign against the building of two wind turbines in Sicklinghall and Kirby have held a public meeting.

Residents from Kearby, Sicklinghall and Kirby Overblow are appealing against the wind turbines, which if built, will stand over 100ft tall.

Campaigners claim the turbines will blight some of the best views in Yorkshire.

The public meeting - held at Maustin Caravan Park in Kearby- was attended by more than 40 residents last Thursday, November 15.

Dr Howard Ferguson was representing Selby MP Nigel Adams, who has backed the campaigners against the proposals.

Dr Ferguson told the meeting more than 300 objections had so far been lodged with Harrogate Borough Council, with the parish councils of Kirby Overblow, Sicklinghall and Kearby all voicing their opposition to the applications.

The MP, whose constituency covers this area, has also written to support the local parish councils in their objections to the turbines, he said.

Spokesman for the opposition group, Guy Townsend, said he was against the proposals due to the visual impact it would have on the Lower Wharfe Valley Green Belt – an area designated as having Special Landscape Character.

“There is mounting opposition to theses wind turbines,” he said.

“These are not small turbines, and if they are approved they will not only ruin this area, but open the floodgates for more applications.

“I’d like to thank all who attended, in particular Dr Ferguson who gave us plenty to think about.

“This is just the beginning of the fight against wind turbines in this area.”

If planning permission is granted, a 153 ft wind farm will be erected at Paddock House Farm, Sicklinghall.

A separate planning application has been sent to the council for a 113ft turbine at Lund Head Farm, Kearby.

Campaigners say the turbine would stand close to the highest point of the ridge at Kearby Lane, just 150m from the closest house at Kearby.

As well as the objections, a number of residents are in favour of the proposals.

Andrew-Taylor Pick said: “I support the application for a wind turbine at Paddock House Farm.

“The turbine will provide vital renewable green energy for the farm.

“Our society should be supporting any method of sustainable green energy.

“Any reduction of green house gases and reducing our cO2 footprint must be good for our countryside and for future generations.

“I trust that common sense prevail and that the application is approved.”

Another resident, Steve Milner, said: “I live locally, enjoy the countryside as much as anyone and view these smaller turbines situated on farms positively.

“I believe we have a responsibility to support these initiatives generating energy locally. It has significant benefits for both a local rural business and society as a whole.”

The separate planning applications will go before Harrogate Borough Council’s plans panel to be considered on January 7 2013.

To view the planning applications, visit Harrogate Borough Council directly quoting the reference numbers 12/03369/FUL (Paddock House Farm, Sicklinghall) and 12/03395/FUL (Lund Head Farm, Kearby)