Sandringham Park is given new lease of life and status

Sandringham Park in Wetherby has been transformed into a jewel in the town’s crown.

The once troubled and littered area now holds the prestigious Green Flag status thanks to community effort.

Kazia Knight at her favourite place - Sandringham Park in Wetherby.

Kazia Knight at her favourite place - Sandringham Park in Wetherby.

Kazia Knight, chairman of the Friends of Sandringham Park, chose the popular ammenity as her Favourite Place for the new Wetherby News feature.

“It really is a great place,” she said looking around the very tidy and well used area of playing fields, garden and well equiped children’s play area.

“The dog walkers do a great job in cleaning up every day and they make sure others do the same.

“The pre-schoolers come down with parents and grandparents and the primary school children come in at 3.30.

“In the evenings we get the teenagers and footballers.

“Then we have the retired people who come down and watch the footballers play. We try to accommodate everybody.”

But it was not always as enjoyable at the park as Kazia explained: “The biggest difference now is the anti-social behaviour which is at a minimum.

“We have reduced that by working with young people.”

The Green Flag status, which is equivalent to the Blue Flag for beaches, was achieved last year.

But Sandringham Park has recently undergone inspection and will find out on July 29 whether it will be allowed to fly the standard for the following 12 months.

“We have achieved all this through the community added Kazia.