Look out for yellow fish in East Keswick

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Water surveys have shown that Keswick Beck, running through East Keswick, is heavily polluted and so the village’s Wildlife Trust has been working with children from Bardsey Primary School to spread the word about the Environment Agency’s Yellow Fish Campaign.

With the slogan Only Rain Down the Drain, the project involves stencilling a yellow fish symbol beside surface water drains to remind everyone that any waste entering them may go directly to the nearest stream causing pollution and killing wildlife.

“Even the diluted detergents used for washing cars cause serious problems when they reach the beck,” said spokesman Debbie Lord.

“It’s vital for everyone to remember that any surface water entering any drain can cause pollution.”

In order to raise awareness, the children stencilled yellow fish next to surface water drains around the village and delivered notes to homes.

“The children also got the opportunity to explain the scheme to some local residents in person who were all very interested to hear about it and thanked the children for their efforts,” added Debbie.