Housing survey to establish what residents really need

Residents in Bardsey cum Rigton will be quizzed on their housing needs this week.

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan consultations for the village the parish council has commissioned a survey and questionnaires will start falling through letterboxes.

“We are asking people in the community who are planning to move house in the next five years what kind of home they will be looking for,” explained Ed Stentiford, chairman fo the parish council and steering committee.

“We know that there are young people trying to get on to the housing ladder, and older people who may want to move into homes which are smaller and easier to manage, as well as those looking for family homes.

“We would also be keen to hear from people who work locally and would like to live in the village, and family members who may have moved out of the village in the last five years because they have not been able to find a suitable home in Bardsey.

“This survey will give us some evidence of the number of households that are looking for new homes and the type of homes they want, so that we can press for the right mix of new homes in the Neighbourhood Plan.

“We must know what our residents are likely to require now and in the future, and the best people to tell us are of course the residents themselves!”

The survey results will be analysed by an independent consultant and all responses will be treated in the strictest confidence. The findings will be reported anonymously.

For information on the Bardsey Housing Survey contact: The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee, 9 Cornmill Lane, Bardsey, Leeds LS17 9EQ, or e-mail info@bardseyvillage.org.uk