Heating makes mum ill claim

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A Kirkby Overblow mum says her council home is so cold due to poor heating it is making her ill.

The Wharfe View resident, who does not wish to be named, told the News that the semi-detached house which she shares with her two grown up daughters is so cold she has been off work ill twice so far this month.

She said: “Every year I dread winter because it is so bitterly cold in the house. The heating system is diabolical, you do not want to come home to a freezing cold house after work like this.

“I want to be able to have visitors but I can’t because it is so cold, even my mum and sister don’t want to stay here because of it.”

The resident, who says her elderly neighbours have also complained about their homes being cold, has a central heating system which runs off a back boiler from a coal fire which feeds radiators.

The worried mum, who says the problems have been ongoing for years, called for new heating.

When contacted by the Wetherby News, a spokesman for Harrogate Borough Council said that in 1999, the Wharfe View property was upgraded with the tenant opting for the coal fired system.

The mum denied she had been offered a choice of heating systems at any time.

A council statement said: “The council appreciates that this is not the best option of heating for today’s modern lifestyle as there is no way of having a timer and it may be that this tenant’s work/lifestyle balance has changed since she took this option.

“The council has pioneered the use of modern technology to provide heating for its council properties in areas without a gas supply and has been highly recognised for its work in this field. Since 2005, the council has provided 102 of its properties with ground source heat pumps using heat generated from underground and 39 properties with air source heat pumps.

“It is currently carrying out a review to progress an extension of the properties it can provide with either ground source heat or air source heat with Wharfe View included in those 320 properties.

“The council cannot yet confirm when this work can be financed but it will be working on a priority order based on the age of the heating systems in each property.”