Group set to lead village development into future

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officers have been chosen to lead a group that will shape Scarcroft’s development.

The Scarcroft Village Development Working Group has had its second general meeting and the group’s officers were appointed.

The meeting was held in the Scarcroft Village Hall and marked the start of work on Scarcroft’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans were created by the Localism Act of 2011 and Andrew Birkbeck, Leeds City Council’s Localism Officer, set out the route that a plan should take.

Secretary Gary Jameson said: “The first stage of preparing the plan involves setting out a framework for the group to work within over the next year.

“The Scoping and Communication Strategy sub-groups will help to focus on the plan’s objectives and foster awareness of, and involvement in, the plan as it progresses.

“It is important that the whole village takes the opportunity to participate in the plan, as it presents a way of shaping and influencing Scarcroft’s development and growth in the future.”

Leeds City Council is drawing up its Core Strategy for housing over the next few months with the consultation process expected to take place over the summer.

“Scarcroft is one of many areas in the city where new houses may be built; the Neighbourhood Plan presents an opportunity for Scarcroft to have a say in any development,” added Mr Jameson.

The Scoping and Communication Strategy Groups will continue to meet regularly this year, and Scarcroft residents who would like further information should contact Gary Jameson via