Collingham chicken farm buildings refused

Collingham village. 100310M21a.
Collingham village. 100310M21a.

Buildings planned as part of a farm for 4,000 chickens on a Collingham field have been refused planning permission.

A barn, which would act as a storage and distribution warehouse, and a worker’s dwelling would be part of a proposed chicken farm on a field off Main Street in the village, but both plans have been rejected by Leeds City Council (LCC).

According to a council report, the barn is ‘an obtrusive and visually intrusive form of development’. The report also said the dwelling and garage ‘would significantly harm the character and quality of the land, the openness of the Green Belt and the rural setting of Collingham Village’.

Before the plans were considered by LCC concerns were raised by residents and ward councillors that the farm, for 4,000 chickens on land next to St Oswald’s Church, is on a floodplain and that a footpath runs through the field.

However, an agricultural appraisal by consultant and rural chartered surveyor Tony Kernon said the ‘birds would be housed off the ground and if the land flooded it would run through the shed without risk of birds being drowned or eggs being lost’.

The report also said the footpath will be fenced so that it can run across the land, and that the moveable huts for the chickens do not require planning permission.

The council’s report concluded: “The creation of a rural business provides some weight in favour of the proposal. However, this weight is diminished by the very modest nature of the enterprise (providing work for only one employee), the harm to the countryside and the purposes of the Green Belt and the proximity of a Major Settlement (Wetherby).”

For these reasons, the applications for the buildings were refused permission.

The applicant was not available to comment.