Anger over sewage leak

wet  Tony Long with the leaking drain.  (111012M3)
wet Tony Long with the leaking drain. (111012M3)

A RESIDENT has spoken of his anger after sewage has been overflowing for three months on land by his Linton home.

The sewage is leaking from an overflowing drain, which runs down past Stammergate Lane on Linton Road.

Mr Long, 63, who is a builder, said: “The drain has been bubbling over and sewage water has been running down the hill for three months and it stinks.

“It is extremely unpleasant and is right outside our house, I am very annoyed about this and I have talked to lots of people regarding the matter. Yorkshire Water and the council between them keep disputing who is responsible for it and really I just want the problem sorted.”

Mr Long, who says he has contacted Yorkshire Water and the Leeds City Council’s environment agency “numerous times”, says the overflowing drain is now a health hazard.

“There is a bus stop nearby with children going to school, it is extremely unhygienic when it is left like that,” he said.

“I don’t want my granddaughter playing out anywhere near this. I just want it fixed and sorted out. When we had the really hot weather it absolutely stank. It’s a disgrace.”

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said complaints had been registered and their team had been down to the site: “On a number of occasions over the last few months we have been out to make sure that the public sewers on Linton Road and Stammergate Lane are running freely, we can confirm that the issue is not with the public sewers but the highway surface water drains which are the councils responsibility.

“We have spoken to the council regarding this and they will be looking into the issue.”

The Wetherby News contacted Leeds City Council for a full comment but they were unable to respond prior to going to print.