£25,000 upgrade for popular town footpath

A “TREACHEROUS” Wetherby bridleway could soon be resurfaced if the work gets the backing of the public, Wetherby Town Council has said.

The Quarry Hill Lane bridleway has been earmarked by Leeds City Council’s transport department for resurfacing - but needs public support to be given the go-ahead.

The path, popular with dog walkers and cyclists, runs from Ainsty Road to Crossley Street.

The proposal, which will see the bridleway resurfaced with limestone, is part of Leeds City Council’s Rights of Way Improvement Plan, a project which aims to improve road safety and provide better signposting across Leeds over the next 10 years.

Resident Barbara Atherton, 50, of Spofforth Hill, said she thought the resurfacing of the Quarry Hill Lane bridleway would be an improvement after describing the path as “treacherous” to walk across at times.

She told the Wetherby News: “Any kind of improvement of resurfacing would be a good thing.

“People of any age, from mums to older people should be able to use it and walk across it without difficulty.

“If it is resurfaced I think it would be very useful.”

Mrs Atherton did say she had some concerns about the plan if given the go-ahead.

“I come here every day with my dog, Rock Star, at 6.30am in the pitch black and I feel completely safe using the path.

“My concern would be whether a maintenance program will be implemented at the same time.

“Conditions around here can get treacherous and at this time of year the path gets very very icy.”

Town Clerk Barbara Ball told the Wetherby News: “I think the resurfacing of the bridleway would be tremendous for the people of Wetherby.

“Ever since I have been here as a clerk at the council, people have talked to me about trying to improve this bridleway.

“At the moment the bridleway has a muddy little track down the middle and I’ve had mums who push prams getting into difficulty when using the path, which is very popular to get to local schools and shops.”

In a public notice, Roger Brookes, a transport officer for Leeds City Council wrote: “Wetherby Town Council’s Community Paths Partnership group have long wanted to improve access on foot and by bike for the residents of houses next to Ainsty Road.

“In particular, it is aimed at those parents who wish to walk to St Joseph’s and Crossley Street Primary Schools with children and pushchairs.

“However the planned path improvements will also benefit anyone who wishes to use the path to access the facilities in Wetherby without driving.”

Mr Brookes also wrote that in addition to the resurfacing, a link road is being proposed to link popular dog walking route Harland Way with the Quarry Lane bridge to provide greater public access.

Organisers of a questionnaire are urging residents to fill in a form asking if they would be in support of a proposed scheme for the Quarry Hill Lane bridleway in Wetherby.

The questionnaire is available at Wetherby Town Hall, Wetherby Library and Wetherby’s One Stop shop.

A spokesman for Leeds City Council told the Wetherby News: “The funding, which is £25,000 has already been allocated to the city council for the bridleway.

“In order to obtain this funding, approval from the City Council’s Highways Board is needed.

“As part of the bid process a consultation exercise is required.”

He added: “The section proposed for improvement runs for approximately 380 metres south of Ainsty Road to where a connecting path from Lazenby Drive crosses via a bridge over the disused Railway to Quarry Hill Lane.”

What do you think about the scheme?

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