Emmerdale fans to tour Harewood film set

Emmerdale village on the Harewood estate. Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe.
Emmerdale village on the Harewood estate. Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe.

Fans of the hit TV soap Emmerdale may have the chance of touring the film set on the Harewood estate.

Plans have been lodged with Leeds City Council (LCC) to allow visitor tours to take place around the film set of Stub House Farm, on the landed estate that forms a part of the historic Harewood House.

The tours would be ancillary to the filming, and so would operate outside of filming hours at weekends, and potentially during Christmas, summer, and bank holidays.

An ITV spokesman said: “We are working with the Harewood Estate to seek permission to open the Emmerdale set for touring at weekends.

“This would provide a unique and limited availability opportunity for fans of the show to view the iconic production location.”

According to the application, the tours will run from 10am to 5pm from April to September and 10am to 2pm from October to March.

Each tour will consist of a maximum of 30 people and one tour guide and visitors will be collected by mini buses from Harewood House carpark and taken on the agreed route to the TV set.

The tours will run from the existing car park via Harewood Yard onto Weardley Lane and then onto Eccup Lane where the tour will enter the film production set at Burden Head Farm and into the Emmerdale Village set.

The maximum level of tours will be every 10 minutes, therefore there will be six tours an hour, with each tour lasting about two hours each. Although, for the initial operating phase, it is anticipated this will be four tours an hour.

Christopher Usher, resident agent for the Harewood Estate, said: “Harewood Estate has enjoyed a long working relationship with ITV and Emmerdale.

“The tours would create a new strand to that partnership in 2015.”

Existing planning permission permits film production at Stub House Farm until 2027.

A deed of variation will now need to be drawn up to permit general visitors to visit the film set, which is currently prevented with the existing permissions.