Youth Council to aid future decisions

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Youngsters across Tadcaster are being given the chance to get involved in the running of the town.

A youth council, which aims to give young people a voice in local politics, has now been put forward by the town council.

And young people aged 12 to 19 are able to take part in the new iniaitive.

Youngsters from Tadcaster Grammar School, Tadcaster Guides and Brownies and Tadcaster Youth Centre will be able to take part.

Coun Will Lockwood, who represents the Tadcaster West ward, said: “When a young person joins the youth council there is not only opportunity to influence decisions locally, there is also opportunities to do it on a larger scale.

“The youth council would have two representatives on the North Yorkshire Youth Council but also represent nationally on the UK Youth Parliament where North Yorkshire have six representatives.”

Tadcaster MP Nigel Adams has also said he will attend a meeting to discuss the issues surrounding young people in the area.

The first youth council meeting will be held on October 23.

On the youth council there will also be opportunities to meet and lobby both district and county councillors but also be involved with the Tadcaster Town Council meetings in the Ark - the town council chamber.

The Tadcaster Youth Council is the second to be taken up in the area, with Wetheby Town Council also having started a youth council.

Mayor of Wetherby Alan Lamb starting the service for young people in the town at the beginning of this year.

Coun Lamb said he believed one of the major achievements of the year had been the setting up of the council in January, which included a member from Wetherby Young Offenders Institute.

He said: “Despite all the bad press, the majority of young people are social, not anti-social and it is therefore important that young people are involved in the decisions made in the local community that affect them.”

The Wetherby Youth Council has put forward a number of ideas for the town, including setting up an annual fair - the first of which is likely to take place next year.

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