Youngsters write stories in Olympic book release

Katy Atkinson, who lives in Wetherby, set up the Reporters' Academy.
Katy Atkinson, who lives in Wetherby, set up the Reporters' Academy.

A Wetherby woman who co-founded a media production company which aims to help young people become journalists has now produced a book on the London Olympic Games.

The Reporters’ Academy, co-founded by Wetherby resident Katy Atkinson, aged 27, was released this summer as part of the first year anniversary of the London 2012 Games.

The book - called ‘Oceania – An Odyssey to the Olympic Games’ - documents the stories and experiences of Pacific island athletes who made the journey to train and compete in London 2012.

It tells the story of the challenges faced by those athletes from small, developing countries, often hampered by remoteness, lack of funding and limited facilities.

The book also describes how, in the Olympic spirit, the Oceania island nations came together to train for London 2012 bringing the challenges of their circumstances to the attention of the world.

The youth media team were the only youth-led organisation to be given accreditation to the London 2012 Olympics as official journalists.

The Reporters’ Academy, a not-for-profit organisation, aims to change the lives of the young people.

Youngsters are coached in various aspects of media, particularly sports media, including technical production skills and journalism. The organisation, founded eight years ago, has now been established as an international organisation that is benefiting young people across the globe in Australia as well as in the UK.

The book is now available to buy from Amazon.