Tadcaster pupils hope for third internet hit

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Pupils at Tadcaster Grammar are in tune for another internet hit.

The youngsters, led by English teacher Adam Dawson, are following up from Tad Gram Style and Happy with a Christmas offering.

“We thought we would do something just for fun to mark Christmas,” said Mr Dawson.

“Rather than fundraising like we did before, it was purely to get the school together and sing something to do with Christmas.”

I Believe in a Fairfax Christmas, a cover of Greg Lake’s I Believe in Father Christmas, stars mainly Fairfax House pupils and is available on YouTube.

As well as featuring the talented pupils singing and playing musical instruments, the video uses snowy scenes captured around the Toulston site by the school’s publicity officer and receptionist Wendy Binns.

“We have some great talent in the school with the musicians and singers,” added Mr Dawson.

“And we used the pictures to make it look festive.”

The school’s previous productions caused an internet sensation and were even featured on television as they raised money for charity, including Children in Need.