Sport Relief visit for hard-working school pupils

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Tadcaster Grammar School students witnessed first-hand where Sport Relief money is spent locally.

The school has raised thousands of pounds for the charity and two years ago was one of the top fundraising educational establishments in the country by donating £12,000 to the cause.

Because of their fantastic contribution Sport Relief arranged for some of the students to visit The Growing Zone at Kippax, a facility for people with special needs, which has previously received vital funds.

June Perkin is the driving force behind The Growing Zone and it was her vision - of creating quality time for special needs people - in 2007 which has made this invaluable facility such an integral part of the community.

The Allotment Federation donated 1200sq metres of their land to the GZ group for a minimum of 25 years.

“We realised it was an enormous task and that many a sleepless night lay before us, in order to turn this derelict area into a place where anyone is welcome,” said June.

“The plan was to have a garden where anyone regardless of age or disability could go and enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment, make friends, learn new things and above all gain confidence and enjoy life.”

Seven students accompanied by Tadcaster PE teacher Paul Walker, House Leader for Calcaria and organiser of events in School for Sport Relief visited The Growing Zone and were joined by Elizabeth Orayinka from the Schools’ team at the London office of Sport Relief.

“What an amazing place,” said Mr Walker. We are so pleased that some of our money is being used locally in this way.”

Year 8 student Abby Roberts said: “We had such a brilliant time and it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to work alongside such friendly people.”

“It was nice to see something local where our money goes. When you think of Sport Relief you usually envisage it going to London, or further afield to Africa or India,” said Sean Durkin (Year 9).

“The Growing Zone is such a brilliant place,” said Alex Robinson (Year 9). “They are such nice people and I am amazed that they only receive such a small amount from Sport Relief and have to fundraise a lot themselves.

“The place isn’t that big, but a lot goes on there and it is such a great environment, said Leia Moore (Year 8).

Tadcaster Grammar was still collecting in money but is hoping to have raised over £15,000 from this year’s efforts.