Slideshow: Wetherby High School awards

Wetherby High School welcomed its former Year 13 pupils back to hand out the accolades for their efforts.

The students were joined by families, teachers and governors for the leavers awards evening held last Thursday.

Teacher Heather Roberts with students Simon Haddock, Megan Hills and Luke Dyra.  (1401092AM1)

Teacher Heather Roberts with students Simon Haddock, Megan Hills and Luke Dyra. (1401092AM1)

Master of Ceremonies for the evening was student director David Frame.

School spokesman Chris Patchett said: “Special awards were made to 21 students for their achievements in various subjects and for their contribution to sixth form life.

“Every year we present a special trophy from our English department.

“English teacher Mrs Iles gave a brief background to the award and presented the Belinda Ostle Trophy to Jack Pedder who gained the highest marks in both English language and English literature.”

A lovely informal evening gave us the opportunity to meet and swap stories of time at school and their experience in many cases of a first term at university.”

Headteacher Andrea Barnes gave closing remarks and thanked students and parents for making the evening so special and wished all students present continued success in their chosen path.

“It’s great to see so many success stories from last year’s sixth form leavers, and to hear about how much they are enjoying their university life,” said Ms Barnes.

“The students are a credit to the school.”

Award-winners were:

Form 13LW - Alice Booth, psychology, outstanding contributions to psychology lessons; Luke Dyra, physics, award for excellence; Simon Haddock, ICT, award for effort; Megan Hills, food technology, excellent effort and sociology, hard work and excellent results; Phenicia Williams, excellent musical contribution to the school and local community.

Form 13AC - Daniel Betty, sociology, hard work and excellent results, Nathan Evans, economics, outstanding achievement and effort, and psychology, outstanding contributions to lessons; Martha Furnell, psychology, outstanding contributions to psychology lessons; Vanessa Huby, art, hard work, determination and success; Emma Lowe, French, achieving a grade B and psychology, outstanding contributions to psychology lessons; Jack Pedder, mathematics, outstanding achievement, history, focus and effort and drama, outstanding contribution.

Form 13CP - Ryan Byrom, media studies, outstanding achievement; Naomi Chambers, textiles, excellent effort; Finlay Holt, media studies, most progress; Hannah Olbison, English, hard work and determination and media studies, outstanding achievement.

Form 13MG - Ryan Boulter, politics, great debater and depth of knowledge; Matthew Goodwin, business studies, outstanding achievement and efort, and media studies, outstanding progress.

Form 13YM - James Joul, product design, excellent effort and focus; Samuel Owen, sports science, dedication to sport and achievement; Rebecca Pearson, mathematics, outstanding achievement and biology total commitment and an excellent approach at all times and chemistry, excellent effort and commitment; Jennifer Rafferty, drama, excellent effort.

The Belinda Ostle Cup for English was presented to Jack Pedder for outstanding achievement in English.

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