Sherburn pupils collect bronze arts awards

Students who received an Arts Award at Sherburn High School.
Students who received an Arts Award at Sherburn High School.

Since January, all students in Year 9 at Sherburn High School have spent their weekly music lessons working towards their Bronze Arts Award.

The nationally recognised qualification requires students to complete four different units of work:

l Set and complete for themselves an arts challenge which can range from making an animation movie, to composing and recording their own song.

l Attend and review an arts event, whether it be a music gig, comedy performance or theatre production.

l Research and present information on an arts hero or heroine.

l Teach a peer or a group of students an arts skill.

The qualification is entirely student-led, they have all set individual challenges for themselves and presented their work in their own style.

They attended a special ‘in house’ gig by The Bon Bonz, and were able to interview members of the band after the performance.

A celebration of their achievements was held with an exhibition featuring an extensive range of work on display.Students were present to talk informally with visitors and explain the work they had done.

Because of the high quality work students are doing towards the Arts Award qualification, three student representatives were invited to speak to delegates at the Regional Arts Award Conference.

Becky Middleton, Rhianne Holroyd and Reece Winsor talked about what they had done for their Bronze Award and what they felt they had got from the experience.

Finally they were asked to sum up their experience of the Arts Award in three words: “fun, challenging and entertaining” said Becky; “brilliant, exciting and fun” said Reece; “beneficial, wonderful, freedom” said Rhianne.

Miss Vikki Bradley, head of performing arts, said: “The Arts Award lessons have been busy, full of energy and inspiring.

“I have been brimming with admiration for the students in the way that they have taken ownership of their challenges and the presentation of their work.

“It’s been amazing to see just what the students can do in the arts, and there have been many surprise skills that have come to the forefront in the lessons.