School shows solidarity for French victims

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Staff and students at Tadcaster Grammar School came together to show their support for the citizens of Paris, following the recent acts of terrorism there.

A one-minute silence was held as a mark of respect and students also made paper chains out of blue, white and red card, writing messages of sympathy, hope, love and peace on each link.

A non-uniform day held as part of Anti-Bullying Week, where students dressed in blue, was made more poignant at the suggestion of one student who asked

that all wear blue, white and red clothing, in the hope of stamping out terrorism as well.

Marie-Claire Butterworth, a French teacher at Tadcaster Grammar was also shown support by her fellow language teachers as they lit a candle in remembrance of those who had lost their lives.

“As a French citizen, the events of Friday 13 November filled me with immense sorrow,” said Madame Butterworth.

“Watching my native country being torn apart by such a horrific act of terrorism was deeply upsetting for me, my family and my friends who live in France.

“What I did not expect is the solitarité England has shown and more specifically the kindness of staff and students at Tadcaster Grammar School.”

“On Monday, a special Vertical Tutoring session was organised to explain to the students the tragic events and a minute’s silence was held. Later that day, I sat down at a desk and read the messages of peace written by the students.

This filled me with hope for a better future where we can all live together in a spirit of fraternité,” she added. “I know that France, like me, appreciate all your support and for that, I just would like to say ‘Merci pour tout’.”