Pupils’ top efforts rewarded

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Outstanding Wetherby High pupils reaped awards at the school’s annual presentation evening.

Efforts rewarded included from contributions in their community, for remarkable progress in their subjects, as well as receiving special awards such the Governors’ Award for distinctive successes.

The evening was very well attended by parents, carers and many leading members of the community and music was provided by pupils Zhen Lawton and Lillian Jaber.

The quest speaker was Wetherby Alec Shelbrooke who said he was delighted to attend and celebrate the success of students.

He commented that Wetherby High School was, “A great community school serving in the heart of the community.”

Headteacher Lucie Lakin said of the evening: “Once again it was a real privilege and pleasure for parents, carers and the community to mark the terrific achievements of our young people.”

Awards presented by chairman of governors Coun Cindy Bentley to:

100 per cent attendance, Year 8 - Finlay Appleton, Mark Barron, Jack Burland, Ella Glendenning, Liam Haley, Matthew Lurcuck, Mathabi Mayihlome, Harry Meaking, Benjamin Spruce, George Stevens, Grace Williams. Year 9 - Matthew Archer, Amy Bower, Olivia Cox, Rachel Cox, Dominic Donnell, Lauren Goddard, Sophie Haskayne, Ellie McClarin, Phiyada Phowan, Daniel Prentice, Isabelle Sheader, Charlie Storm. Year 10 - Georgie Carter, Alexander Nield, James Sutton. Year 11 - Jessica Brent, Emma Eaton, Henry Sykes, Alice Tasker, Elijah Vasquez. Year 13 - Harry Cox, Michael Tasker.
Coaching Awards, Bremner - Harvey Whitaker, Sophie Haskayne, Saim Ansar, Lucy Swan, Purdy Sellier-Smith, Ellie May Gale, Hannah Pearson, Ella Taylor, Oliver Patlak, Daniel Sanders, Jacob Kirby, Jacob Russell. Trueman - Abby Watts, Oscar Harrington, Chloe Twiggs, Adeel Hussain, Mathabi Mayihlome, Sam Hepworth, Junaid Ahmed, Matilda Binner, Mariya Hussain, Jessica Ryan, Harsimran Sambhi, Ella Glendenning, Sam Goodair, Fern Grainge. Tomlinson - Lauren Goddard, Leo Hurrell, Tom Chandler, Rosie Robinson, Morgan Roy, Sophie Playfoot, Jack Dawson, Ami Farr, Alisha Tinson, Emma Eaton, Josh Quinn, Harrison Glover,

Tom Douglass, Jasmine Glover. Robinson - Charlotte Broom, Fraser Craig, Harry Meaking, Charli Kershaw, Sami Jaber, Harry Sutton, Peter Harrison, Tyler Moody, Mark Barron, Sophie Richardson, Jamie Richards, Bella Deyes, Salma Ali, Kerry Beckett.

Key Stage 3/4 Subject Awards

Art - 8, Tamia Abram-Hines, 9, Harvey Whitaker; 10 Fern Grainge, 11 Arian Zadeh.

D&T Food - 8, Matthew Lurcuck and Finlay Appleton, 9, Clarisa Martins; 10, Zaynab Afran.

D&T Product Design - 8, Harsimran Sambi; 9, Oscar Harrington; 10, Ismael Hussain; 11, Rowan Thomas.

English - 8 Harsimran Sambhi, 9 - Rachel Cox and Harvey Whitaker, 10 Emily Farquhar, 11 Lilian Jaber.

PE (Male) - 8, Tom Douglass, 9, Nathaniel Goodwin, 10, Jamie Sutton, 11, Bradley Smith.

PE (Female) - 8, Rosie Robinson, 9, Abby Watts, 10, Rebecca Hall, 11, Sarah Moore.

Science - 8 Finlay Appleton, 9, Tyrese Palmer, 10, Benjamin Mayhew, 11, Jessica Prentice Abigail Wray

Humanities - 8, Harsimran Sambhi, 9, Kayonie Jeffers, Benjamin Mayhew, 11, Abigail Wray.

Mathematics - 8, Harry Meaking, 9 Joshua Gawthorpe, 10, Elleanor Pollard, 11, Leah Vine.

Computing and Business Studies - 8 Tom Douglass, 9 Calvert Wood, 10 Dylan Stephenson, 11, Marcus Ware.

Performing Arts - 8, Mark Barron, 9, Rachel Cox, 10, Rebecca Hall, 11, Fraser Craig.

MFL - 8, Lottie Dawson, 9, Matilda Binner, 10, Elleanor Pollard, Saim Ansar.

Key Stage 5 Subject Awards:

Art & Design - Joseph Sutton; Business Studies - Jacob Kirby; DT Food Technology - Asiya Juma; DT Product Design - Jacob Kirby; English Lang & Lit - Rowan Paine; Geography - Jacob Kirby; Sociology - Amy Lees; History - Shuaib Haya; Computer studies - Nicholas Carlton; Mathematics - Thomas Chester; Media Studies - Ellise Ferguson; P.E. - Harry Sutton; Science (Biology) - Korie Mills; Science (Chemistry) - Georgia Becker; Science (Physics) - Alfie Turner; Spanish - Rowan Paine.
Sports Awards:

Key Stage 3 Commitment and Attitude to Sport - Ella Taylor. Key Stage 4 Sportswoman - Matilda Binner. Key Stage 4 Sportsman - Ben Mayhew. Outstanding Contribution to Sport - Matthew Lurcock.

Head of House Awards - Bremner, Jacob Kirby; Robinson, Eve Townsend; Trueman, Nicholas Carlton; Tomlinson, Emma Eaton;

Governor’s Awards:

Male - Sam Atkinson; Female - Zaynab Ahmed.