Poet spreads the word on his work

A visit from a professional poet and performer proved inspirational to students at Rossett School in Harrogate.

Ash Dickinson – whose works include the Slinky Espadrilles and Strange Keys collections – has won poetry slams at both the Edinburgh and Cheltenham Festivals.

He performed some of his entertaining pieces for the students, explaining how he explores his creativity and finds inspiration for his work.

English teacher Bridget Tolliday said: “Ash’s visit was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved.

“With his help, students created their own haiku and clerihew poems about famous people and characters, as well as taking inspiration from phrases coined by Shakespeare and using their senses to recreate memories.

“Ash’s tales of poetry battles were particularly popular and we may even use the technique for teaching poetry in future English lessons.”

She added: “The students engaged with Ash’s ideas really well and went away feeling really inspired to explore their creative abilities.”

Across the year groups, students commented on the way Ash challenged the stereotype of a professional poet.

Year 11 student Imogen Fisher said: “I thought it was really interesting when Ash told us how he created his poetry.

“He was really excited when he found a technique in one of his poems that he’d never intended to use.

“It was fun to follow his sense of freedom in writing our own poems.”