New Thai’s for local schools

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Two schools from the Wetherby area had an international feel to lessons.

Sicklinghall and Goldsborough welcomed ten Year 6 students from Bangkok-based Prasarnmit Demonstration Elementary School as part of an exciting new exchange programme set up.

Headteacher Matt Shillito said: “It has been a pleasure to welcome Prasarnmit School’s students and staff to Goldsborough and Sicklinghall over the past two weeks.

“I have been amazed by the confidence and independence of these ten and 11-year-olds who have spent two weeks in a country over 5,000 miles from their families.

“The way in which the children have involved themselves in school life has been brilliant to observe. We shall miss them greatly when they leave us at the end of half term.”

Visiting pupils have enjoyed lessons, trying new foods and taking part in activities such as Countryside Live and a Greek Day.

Families have hosted them for tea to gain a true insight into English family life and cuisine and fish and chips has become a firm favourite with most.

Pupils found out that spoken language is not the only method of communication and that common ground can be found through daily activities- sport, ICT, food. Goldsborough and Sicklinghall pupils are learing how to write in Thai and cultures in preparation of a small group travelling to Bangkok next February.

Hannah D, Year 4 at Sicklinghall said: “It has been so much fun to have our visitors because they have got to see how we live and they have enjoyed joining in with all of the work that we’ve been doing.

“It was fun to have them at our house because they knew how to play lots of games that we play but they play some games differently too. We had fish and chips for tea and they ate it all.”

Goldsborough Year 5 pupil Will, said: My tea partners were Tee and Pang and it was really nice for me to learn about Thai culture and for them to learn about British culture. They were very nice and it was great fun.”