Head boys and girls take up new roles

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New Head Girls and Boys of Cundall Manor School have this week taken up their positions at the start of the new year.

The pupils from Form 6 and Thornton will join prefects and house captains in their new positions of responsibility at the start of the new term.

Upper School will have Yasmin Wild and Oliver Hartmann as their new Head Girl and Boy, while Main School will see Charlotte Banks and Archie Powell take up their respective positions.

Proud to take up her role as Head Girl for Upper School, Yasmin, from Thirsk, said: “I am very proud to be made Head Girl. I am really looking forward to speech day because I will get to stand up in front of the school, parents, governors and guests and talk about my favourite memories of my time at Cundall Manor.”

Head Boy Oliver Hartmann, who hopes to go on to be a Lawyer, is also proud to be given the role. He added that he is honoured to be Head Boy and is looking forward to “Being an example to younger children across the school”.

Main School Head Girl, Charlotte Banks, also believes that it is important to set a good example to younger children and is looking forward to Open Mornings and her responsibilities on the day.

She said: “I can’t wait to help show people around Cundall because I am incredibly proud of my school.”

Archie Powell take up the role as Head Boy for Main School. Archie, who has a keen interest in science, is looking forward to taking up the role, adding: “I am so proud to be able to represent the school as Head Boy.”

Joint Head, John Sample, said the decision to appoint to these positions of responsibility are always some of the most difficult choices he has to make.

He added: “Our school will be exceptionally well represented by our four choices as Head Girl and Boy.

“I know that they will showcase the school with the decorum and pride associated with the role.

“I wish them the very best with the new positions and will look forward to seeing them develop throughout their journey.”

Pupils from Thornton (Y11), Form 6 (Y8), and PP2 (Y2) are also taking up their positions as Prefects and House Captains.