Free careers advice for county’s exam students

Help is at hand for young people unsure about their future careers or wishing to change plans after their GCSE or A level results.

North Yorkshire County Council’s Youth Support Service, which offers information and advice about careers, learning and work for young people, is offering extra support.

Advisers will be on hand in local youth support centre centres as well as schools and colleges to help with a range of issues including apprenticeship applications, writing CVs, interview techniques, college course details and job vacancies.

County councillor Arthur Barker, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Youth Services said: ”This period post examination results can be very challenging for young people, many of whom have to make difficult decisions about tertiary education, work training and job opportunities.

“Our youth service staff members have therefore put in additional support at this time to give young people and their families the best advice possible in making these decisions.”

For those wanting help outside of office hours a range of options is available through the ask-a-careers-adviser service.

People can phone 0845 0349577 between 5 and 9pm Monday to Friday or text ask to 81066 and a careers adviser will get in touch.

Alternatively, email the ask-a-careers-adviser service at and a careers adviser will make contact.

Families can also look on the Get Connected Now Facebook page to find out the latest news.

Get Connected Now - - is the careers learning and work website for the service.

The local area section has all the latest apprenticeships updated weekly, as well as information about career, education and work opportunities.