Bake-athon rises to occasion

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Teenager Fran Reeve celebrated her birthday by making 600 tasty treats during a bake-athon which raised nearly £1500 for charity.

The 19-year-old from Husingore, near Wetherby, used nine recipes to produce delicious offerings during the 24-hour stint for East African Playgrounds.

“People have been really generous,” said Fran who added: “I can’t thank everyone who has sponsored me enough.”

So far Fran has raised over £1000 in sponsorship and £140 from sales of the cakes.

Fran added: “It was hard work on the day and certainly made my birthday different from usual, but it was definitely worth it thanks to the support from everyone.

“As well as donations from people I know, Ocado kindly provided the ingredients for the bake-athon and Bramham Moor Pony Club and my old school, the Grammar School at Leeds, allowed me to run cakes sales.”

A student in Accounting and Finance at Leeds Metropolitan University, Fran is more used to having numbers as ingredients than flour and sugar but perfected her baking skills ready for the challenge by bombarding friends and family with trial bakes.

“I knew an A* in my Food Tech GCSE would come in helpful one day,” she said.

Fran used her home kitchen, with standard domestic appliances and the family AGA, so the day was as much about managing resources as her baking ability.

“Our AGA bakes the best cakes, but it only has two ovens and is very old and a bit quirky,” explained Fran.

“I baked in batches over the 24-hours, doing the preparation while it was cooking.

“I’m glad it wasn’t windy as the AGA’s slow then and it would probably have been a 48-hour Bake-athon.

“Overall the day went well, apart from the hand mixer deciding to break. Dad had to pop out to buy an emergency replacement.”

East African Playgrounds is a small charity which makes safe play possible by building high quality, creative playgrounds.

Fran added: “I know I’ve been very lucky and want to do something that will help others.

“My Dad was born in Uganda, so when I found out about EAP it seemed a great opportunity for me to help.”

Fran hopes to raise £2000 in total and has developed a webpage to make donating easy. She is now planning other events and activities.

“Please visit my webpage and sponsor me. It’s really easy – you can give as little as £1, but the more you give, the more children East African Playgrounds can help.”