Back to school maths session adds up for parents

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Adults were put to the test at Sherburn High during its annual maths parent-student workshop.

Students took the role of teacher and supported their chosen adult - parents, grandparents, older siblings and relatives - through a morning of maths last Wednesday and Friday.

Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, Lizzie Stockton-Pitt said: “The maths team would like to thank all of those who attended and made running the event so successful; it is wonderful to meet our students’ families and we are really pleased you had such a great time.”

“The aim of this is to allow the adults to see what the students get up to in school and experience some of the activities that we use in mathematics lessons,” added Lizzie. 

“They are also able to meet their child’s maths teacher and get a snapshot of how things are going so far. 

“This year we investigated how perfect each person was, solved simultaneous equations with Ricky Gervais’s Flaminals and, with logic, reasoning and perseverance, managed to work out who owns the fish.“

She said they enjoyed two “fabulous” mornings with a record turn out of adults who discovered that maths is fun.

“Perhaps the most encouraging was the parent who said it’s my third time and I’ve finally cracked it.” 

Photos L-R

Maths 12 Mum Deborah Bentley with daughter Hannah Bentley

Maths 16 Mackenzie Painter is amused at Ellie Cunningham’s attempts to measure her dad Ian Cunningham!

Maths 9 Post 16 student Kristen Firth helps Jessica Brindley measure Mariella Bulmer (centre)

Maths 10 Callum O’Rourke making Teaching Assistant Sarah Lee nervous!

Maths 13 Dad Nick Harness seeing if his daughter Meredith measures up!

Maths 2 Wednesday’s crowd