Doors of Wetherby Aldi won't open until 2017

Mayor of Wetherby, Harry Chapman at the site of the new Aldi. P: Gary Longbottom
Mayor of Wetherby, Harry Chapman at the site of the new Aldi. P: Gary Longbottom

The people of Wetherby will now have to wait until next year to step foot in the town’s new Aldi store after the budget supermarket has pushed back its opening date.

Residents are ‘not very happy’ following the announcement that Aldi, which was due to open later this year will now open in spring 2017.

The plans to build the new store on Sandbeck Lane/Deighton Road were given the green light by Leeds City Council in March 2015.

But since the previous users of the land, a Vauxhall car dealership, moved from the premises, the Mayor of Wetherby, Harry Chapman said concern is growing over the state of the site.

Mr Chapman said: “Vauxhall vacated the site and we were left with the garage looking a mess.

Residents around aren’t very happy, there’s a lot of houses behind that are quite concerned about the site.

“The site as you probably know is an eyesore and the build needs to take place as soon as possible.”

Mr Chapman explained that work to level the site took place ‘about six months ago’ but since then, there has been little activity with the development of the new store.

However officials behind the global supermarket chain have reassured residents that work will continue on the site later this summer.

A spokesperson for Aldi said: “We’re currently carrying our preparatory work on our Wetherby store and plan to start on site later this summer.

“We hope to be open in Spring next year, so residents can shop and save closer to home.”

A number of changes have been made to the plans since they were first submitted including the use of brick walls instead of white render, the installation of a mini-roundabout on

Sandbeck Lane and the distance between the store and neighbouring properties.

But despite some initial concerns from residents over the plans, Mr Chapman said he thought the people of Wetherby were eagerly anticipating the store opening.

He said: “I think that’s all been rolled over, I think quite a lot of people are looking forward to it.”