Disney On Ice

Sleeping Beauty and Disney On Ice Princesses and Heroes.
Sleeping Beauty and Disney On Ice Princesses and Heroes.

DISNEY has made the dreams come true for many generations through films and adventure parks.

And its latest On Ice presentation Princesses and Heroes perpetuates the sentiment that wishes may be fulfilled.

The spectacular show, which stopped off at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena at the weekend, recreates the defining moments from classic Disney films where eight Princesses’ wishes are met with help from their devoted Princes.

Tinker Bell introduces each scene as the audience is taken through inspiring stories of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White.

And Feld Entertainment’s dedicated creative team have translated each magical moment into an outstanding experience for the whole family, starring some of the world’s most talented skaters.

Audiences are treated to daring acrobatics and breathtaking skating which begs the question how do they do that?

The show features cutting edge set design and choreography, interjected with jaw dropping visual surprises such as the spectacular Sleeping Beauty scene where Prince Philip battles with the evil Maleficent who transforms into a fire-breathing dragon.

Along with the music and costumes, there is plenty to keep even the youngest of fidgets entertained, which surely is a dream come true for any parent.

Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes is currently touring the country. JH