Delays to St James’ Street roadworks

Road closed
Road closed

Roadworks on a major Wetherby route have been delayed.

Repairs needed to utilities uncovered during the reconstruction of the carriageway have meant that St James’ Street is now expected to open by September 17.

A spokesman for Leeds City Council said: “During excavation works for the new carriageway a number of utility services were exposed that were in need of repair.

“The bulk of these repairs have now been carried out by the relevant agencies, but much of the work on the carriageway has had to be halted while this has been completed.

“We will be working alongside partners to ensure any remaining utility repair work is completed as quickly as possible and we would anticipate the carriageway will be open by the September 17.

“We would also like to thank road users for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused by these essential repairs.”

The 24-hour urgent roadworks to repair the crumbling carriageway, were started during the summer holiday in a bid to cause the least inconvenience to people travelling to Crossley Street school and were due to finish on September 1.

Access to residents, businesses and the car park is being maintained where possible.

But residents and motorists complained because the roadworks coincided with major repairs to a support wall which have led to partial closure of Boston Road in Wetherby and Linton Bridge closure.

Shop and market traders declared themselves open for business and urged shoppers to support them through the roadworks.

Nish Kanabar of Castlegate Stationers announced on facebook today that traffic through Wetherby was flowing well and there were plenty of parking spaces.

“Linton Bridge being open is helping traffice to flow through Wetherby,” he added.

* Linton Bridge was reopened last Saturday. See tomorrow’s Wetherby News for the full report and pictures.