David Cameron feels ‘Tour fever’ while visiting Wetherby

UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited Wetherby today and said he felt the ‘Tour fever’ in the town.

Spending time with school children who prepared decorations for the Tour around the town, Mr Cameron said he was really glad he came up to Wetherby today to get the buzz of the build up to the largest annual sporting event in the world.

Prime Minister David Cameron in his visit to Wetherby. Picture Adrian Murray (1407042AM9)

Prime Minister David Cameron in his visit to Wetherby. Picture Adrian Murray (1407042AM9)

Ahead of tomorrow’s Grand Départ, the Prime Minister drew particular attention to the decorations in the town and looked forward to the big event.

“There is definitely Tour fever in Wetherby. I love all the bunting and the fact that all the schools have got involved,” he said.

“As you would expect from Yorkshire men and women they are making the most of it, and what is good about the route is that it is going to take in some really beautiful countryside.

“It is starting in Leeds and going into North Yorkshire and it is taking in the whole of Yorkshire and and advertising the benefits of this extraordinary and successful part of the world.

“This is a fantastic spotlight on Yorkshire and I can’t think of a better way to promote the county, and Yorkshire has a strong link with cycling.”

Mr Cameron took a walk around the town and visited Appletons butchers, which opened recently, buying some meat products.

He also spent some time at a political event being held at the town hall, meeting some of the ladies responsible for the knitted yellow jersies pinned around the town.

It was the Tour de France hitting the county tomorrow, however, with all the visitors and potential benefits it may bring, that the Prime Minister looked forward to.

He said: “The benefit will be to the whole of the United Kingdom, but Yorkshire is going to get a particular benefit.”

“We are expecting £100m for the UK as a whole. We have invested in the staging of the Tour and I think that was a good investment.

“There is a big health benefit too, and the truth is that lots of people who watch tournaments then go out and think about exercising in that way.

“Our reputation for hosting sporting events is very strong and getting stronger, and it isn’t just the Tour de France but also the Rugby World Cup and the Athletic Championships held at the Olympic Park.”