Dacre Walls Walk - A fascinating glimpse of our agricultural history

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Start at The Wellington. Walk down the hill for a short distance and take the footpath on the left signposted for Dairy Lane. Follow the path to the bottom of the fields.

As you pass between these fields notice the stepped stiles and a Stang stoop. After entering the third field, turn right over the low stone wall and walk over the footbridge and through the stoop or squeeze stile. Bear left, alongside the stream and up the steps. Continue up the slope, keeping the line of the wall boundary on your left and passing through one gate, and over one stile. Walk straight across this field to another stile, which takes you onto a minor road. Turn left and walk down the lane to the double gates on the right hand side of the road (opposite Oxen Close Farm). Take the right hand gate and walk in a straight line up the hill, over the wooden stile and into the woods.

Follow the path until you come to a stone stile. Through the stile walk diagonally left across field looking out for a stile to lead you onto a track. Turn right onto the track and follow until you reach a road. Turn left downhill following the road. Cross the ford and look for a stile on the right taking you over the Packhorse Bridge. Turn left after the bridge towards a stile on your right. Follow the winding path through the trees and bracken keeping roughly to the line of the upper right hand wall.

You will eventually cross a stile onto another minor road. Turn right and walk up this road for 10 minutes until you reach Dacre Pasture Lane off to the right, where you should look for a stile on the left. The walk next passes through a large field, which often contains cattle. If you prefer, you may bypass the field by continuing along the road and turning left down the next road. Cross the stile and strike out across this large field in the direction of the hill top, then bear slightly right to meet the step stile which exits onto another road. Turn left on the road, then immediately take the track on the right signed for ‘Pasture Side.’

At the end of the track follow the waymarkers around the back of Pasture Side house and over the stile near the right hand corner of the field. Walk through a field of rushes in a straight line, then follow the waymarkers through Monk Ing Farm to a paved road which leads you to a junction with Lanes Foot Road. Here, go straight on the route marked as ‘Nidderdale Way’. At the bottom, where the track bears left, follow the Nidderdale Way into the centre of the field then turn right to the gateway in the middle of the boundary wall and continue across the middle of the next field to a stile in the opposite wall. The footpath next goes through a gate in the fence then gates in four boundaries. Count as you go, then after the fifth, look for a small stile in the left-hand boundary wall, just beyond a gate. Make your way to the stile at the corner of the field and out onto the road. Turn left and follow the road downhill to Dacre Top. Then turning right at the T-Junction walk along the pavement for approximately 250m. Here take the path on the left-hand side of the road signposted for Pyefield Farm. Follow the track downhill taking care to look out for the waymarkers that sign the point where the right of way leaves the track off to the right before Pyefield Farm. Follow the waymaked route to the beck. Cross over the stile, then pass through the squeeze stile on your right.

Follow the line of the boundary wall towards Low Hirst Farm. When entering the field before the farm head slightly to right heading for a gate. Through the gate turn left heading back towards the beck. Follow the wall side on your left to the step stile in the corner of the field. Turn left and walk up the hill until you are back at the Wellington.