Yoga boom sweeps area in bid to find relaxation

Expectant mums and new parents in Wetherby are enjoying the benefits of a brand new service aimed at boosting energy levels, helping prepare for childbirth and improving baby bonding.

The pre and post natal pregnancy yoga classes, which include pregnancy yoga and birth preparation workshops, at Pure Treatment Rooms have received the support of local midwives, ante-natal educators and mums.

Boston Spa-based mum Emily Wilkinson attended yoga sessions before falling pregnant, so was delighted when Yoga Wetherby started offering pregnancy yoga classes.

Emily said: “I knew yoga can be really beneficial during pregnancy, can help with relaxation and is a great way to prepare for birth, so I was really pleased to be able to join the pregnancy yoga classes.

“The sessions really helped to prepare me physically and mentally for birth and to meet other expectant mums in the area.”

As well as pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes, Yoga Wetherby also offers post-natal classes to aid recovery, improve baby bonding and give new mums some much-needed relaxation time.

Emily has continued attending classes, but now with her daughter, five-month-old Sophie.

She added: “Sophie loves the class and always sleeps really well and is super calm afterwards.”

Run by local yoga teacher Louisa Thomas, there has been huge demand for the classes since they launched at the start of this year.

Louisa said: “Attending yoga during pregnancy and post-natally can really help women to trust their bodies, trust birth, and connect to their natural instincts.

“The classes also provide a great place for women to meet other mums.”

Louisa has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and used a wide range of yoga techniques during her own pregnancy to prepare her both physically and mentally for birth, and she is passionate about sharing these tools with other women.

“Every pregnancy, birth and post natal experience is unique and I’ve found yoga offers an effective way to build a woman’s confidence in her body and develop calmness in her mind.

“Women also really appreciate having a space to share experiences and support one another during this time of transition.

“The birth preparation workshops are an extension of the pregnancy yoga classes, but are more focused on the actual birth and involve partners as well. All too often the partners get overlooked but it’s important that they’re also prepared, feel confident in supporting the woman and have a chance to put aside any of their own fears around pregnancy and birth.”