Woman creates miniature village in spare bedroom

NAWN 1305277AM3 Bramham Open Gardens. Lilly Barton in her miniature village that was also open to the public.  (1305277AM3)
NAWN 1305277AM3 Bramham Open Gardens. Lilly Barton in her miniature village that was also open to the public. (1305277AM3)

A Bramham woman who has created a miniature village in her spare bedroom for the last 15 years has had to stop because the room is now too full.

Mother-of five Lily Barton, 73, has created her very own small-scale street scene and village in the guest bedroom of her home.

The pensioner, who is a member of Yorkshire Miniature Association, originally began making sugar people and hats after taking part in a craft competition as a member of the Bramham Yorkshire Country Group.

And Lily, who lives with husband Derek, a retired joiner, loved it so much that she makes and displays miniature dolls houses, furniture, toys and figures for her collection in the small-scale village in her home, while Derek makes the outbuilding and structures.

The model street-scene includes a mixture of handmade and collected items which include a horse and carriage, a belisha beacon crossing and a number of dolls houses which take over Lily’s 11 by 9ft guest bedroom.

Speaking to the News, Lily said:

“Pictures of the miniature displays don’t do them justice, they really don’t.

“When I first started making them 15 years ago I couldn’t sleep as I was thinking of what to put where and how to plan it. .

“I don’t know how much I have done it for over the years.

“It takes over your life, though I have had to stop now because the room is full.

Lily uses a range of materials to make her miniatures, from lace for the house curtains to wood for the tiny tables and leather for shoes on the figurines.

A three-piece suite in the dolls house was made from an old leather handbag, and Lily says she makes her designs out of a whole range of materials.

As well as making and displaying her work, the Bramham resident collects miniatures, including a mixture of handmade and antique finds.

Lily now regularly hosts talks and displays on her model village crafts groups and other organisations such as the Women’s Institute.

Around the world miniature art has been made for more than 1000 years, with a number of famous miniature collections highly sought after by collectors.

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