Update: Knaresborough's Christmas decorations found 'smashed to pieces'

Knaresborough Christmas decorations
Knaresborough Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations stolen from outside Knaresborough House last week have been found 'smashed to pieces'.

Heartless thieves stole the illuminated festive display from the town's High Street between 8.30pm and 10.30pm on Thursday, November 26.

However, whilst tidying the community centre field, gardeners from Harrogate Borough Council discovered the two items 'smashed to pieces' underneath a bush.

The Santa display was about 4ft tall with waving arms while the reindeer was slightly smaller. Both of the displays were acrylic and illuminated with fairy lights.

Both displays are loaned each year to Knaresborough Town Council and the town's Mayor, Andrew Willoughby, admitted he is unsure if they can be replaced this year.

He said: "The gardener apparently found the items smashed to pieces and threw them away. It was only after he saw the story and realised that these were the stolen items

"It's infuriating and exasperating. How can we make the town better if there are people wanting to make it worse?

"These are paid for by Knaresborough Town Council and paid for by the people in Knaresborough. The vast majority do love them as well.

"They are a big talking point in the town. They are not just plain and simple so it's so disappointing that it's nine steps forward and one step back."

Police are conducting enquiries to identify those responsible for the theft and return the display to its rightful location.

The theft has caused upset in the community and Coun Willoughby said they may have to consider removing decorations from certain locations in future.

He said: "I don't know whether they can be replaced this year and we will have to consider what will be done in future years.

"It would be such a shame to actually remove them. If there are any ideas of making them more secure then we would go along with that."