Thieves cause £2,000 damage to renovated Methodist church

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CHURCH leaders say they have been saddened after a renovated place of worship was burgled recently.

Damage worth £2000 was caused to the Methodist Church in Wetherby’s Bank Street after thieves broke in overnight Monday March 26 but left with only a tiny amount of cash.

“The thieves left the building with only a few pounds in cash but the church was left with a great deal of clearing up and repairs to do,“ said Marion Davies who was the co-chairman of the Steering Group.

She explained that raiders entered the popular building, which re-opened in May last year after a £500,000 renovation project, by smashing a window and then damaged interior doors while trying to force it open in their search for cash.

“We think they were looking money but as with almost all churches, money is never left on the church premises and so break-ins can only lead to senseless damage,” added Mrs Davies.

“Fortunately they didn’t go into the chapel itself because that would have been very distressing if they had made a mess in there.

“We had a church council meeting after the break-in and people felt very saddened by it.”

She added: “We have finished paying for the renovation project but we are still £20,000 short. We raised over £400,000 for the project which was five years in the planning.”

Wetherby Police Sergeant Appleyard said: “The intruders caused extensive damage and damaged various doors which is despicable in any case, let alone in a place of worship.”

Witnesses should phone 212 or 0113 2855 374.