Shock at dead rabbits hanging in trees on popular footpath

Dead Animals''Rabbits etc.
Dead Animals''Rabbits etc.

RESIDENTS have been left shocked and horrified over the gruesome discovery of dead rabbits hanging from trees along a popular Wetherby walking route.

The bodies of a number of dead rabbits were found strewn in trees near to Freemans Way on Saturday.

Wetherby resident Susan Dowson, 72, contacted the News after she became horrified at the latest scene, which she says has been going on for more than a year.

“I am completely disgusted by this,” she said.

“It’s not just a one-off either, it has been going on for more than a year now and it is just horrendous.

“I was out with family having a nice walk on Sunday when we saw four rotting rabbits hanging in one tree.

“My granddaughter Hannah was so upset, she broke down in tears, but this is not the first time.

“I walk down the path walking my two dogs twice a day and have seen the dead rabbits regularly hanging from trees. It needs stopping.”

The rabbits appeared to have been thrown in trees which line the route running parallel to Wetherby Race Course.

The incident was reported to Wetherby Police by a member of the public on Saturday.

Another Wetherby resident, Jo Francisco, 32, said seeing the rabbits was like “something out of a horror film”.

She said: “It was a really upsetting sight.

“I thought it was strange when I saw the first rabbit but then I saw another higher up, hanging from the branches.

“I know this is the countryside and people hunt animals for food, but this just seems cruel and doesn’t serve any purpose.”

PC Steve Atkinson, of Wetherby Police, said: “There are people in that area who have permission to shoot rabbits and we expect them to dispose of them properly and sensibly.

“However, my main concern with regards to this incident is young families walking down there and seeing dead rabbits just thrown into trees, which is obviously not very nice.

“It is also a potential health hazard and we will find out who has done this and deal with them accordingly.”