Schoolboy punched and kicked by schoolchildren in vicious Valley Gardens attack

Valley Gardens
Valley Gardens

A schoolboy was viciously attacked by a group of schoolchildren during a fight in the Valley Gardens on Friday evening.

Witnesses described seeing three or four boys "shout and harass" the victim, believed to be around 12-years-old, as around 30 schoolchildren gathered nearby.

The boys, described as being a similar age, were then reportedly seen attacking the boy by kicking and punching him, before the fight was separated.

A group of teenagers shielded the victim away from the scene near the skate park and out of the gardens before the police were called.

One onlooker said he was "disgusted" by what he saw.

He said: "A young boy, no more than twelve, was being harassed and shouted at by a group of three or four boys of similar age, while a crowd of boys and girls gathered around.

"As we got closer, one of the antagonists ran up behind the victim and drop-kicked him. At this point myself, my friend and a group of older teenagers all headed towards this fight as we did not want anyone getting hurt.

"As we got closer, another of the attackers started swinging at the victim, at which point my friend stepped between the two parties and myself and the older teens formed a line between them.

"Two girls that had been with the older group walked the young man away from the rest whilst we got in the way."

Officers were seen questioning the watching group shortly after the fight before monitoring the scene.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: "We were called with a report of a disturbance involving a group of teenagers in Valley Gardens, Harrogate, just before 8pm on Friday 9 September.

"Officers arrived at the scene within ten minutes, and although there were a number of young people in the area, none were in distress or injured."

The onlooker said that the victim, a student at St Aidan's was shocked but had "no visible injuries" following the fight and thanked the teenagers that helped keep him safe.