Police warning following burglaries

Police are urging residents to be vigilant after a series of burglaries across the area.

Homes have been targeted in Tockwith as well as Hambleton, Malton and York area and North Yorkshire Police are urging residents to ensure they take adequate security measures.

Five break-ins were reported in two days, with cash and jewellery being stolen.

As part of Operation Haven – and particularly in light of these recent incidents - residents are being urged to take extra measures to increase their own home security.

Detective Chief Inspector Heather Pearson, who is co-ordinating Operation Haven, said: “It is still vital for people to do everything they can to ensure their homes and possessions are as secure as possible.

“By taking simple steps such as fitting security lights and burglar alarms, locking windows and doors at all times, and keeping valuables and car keys out of sight, this will go a long way to greatly reduce the threat of opportunistic criminals targeting your home.

“Jewellery is of particular interest to thieves and we urge people to keep it hidden and locked away where it is difficult to find. Consider investing in a safe if you own large amounts of expensive jewellery.”

Information to Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.