Police warning after spate of burglaries

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North Yorkshire Police have re-issued a warning to residents to lock their doors, windows and cars.

The warning comes following a spate of overnight house burglaries and thefts from cars including four from insecure property and outbuildings.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Smith of North Yorkshire Police, said: “As the spring weather approaches and more people are out and about, please remember to take basic security measures such as locking your doors, windows and outbuildings – even while you are at home.

“Thieves are opportunist and will be on the look out for insecure doors and windows and will take the first opportunity your give them.

“Don’t hand your belongings to thieves on a plate, remember not to leave your keys, bags and other valuables on display and in easy to reach places. Hide them where they can’t be seen by prying eyes.

“Also remember to remove all your valuables and tools from your vehicles.”

“The effects of burglary should not be underestimated,” added DCI Smith: “The targeting of your home, followed closely by the theft or damage of personal possessions, often has devastating and lasting effect on the homeowners, their family, and the local community.”

Incidents during a 24-hour period last week included:

Insecure outbuilding entered in the Tockwith where thieves stole a portable generator and tools.

DCI Smith added: “Use the following check list to ensure you take the most basic security measures.”

* Lock doors, windows garages, sheds and gates – even when you are at home

* Hide your keys away at night where thieves cannot see them or easily find them

* Don’t tempt thieves by leaving valuables on view through windows, letterboxes or cat-flaps.

* Always lock your car and remove valuables

* Keep your car in the garage if you have one. If thieves can’t see your car – they can’t steal it.

* Fit a car alarm or tracking device if finances allow and remember to use them

* Don’t leave garden implements or tools outside as thieves can use these to gain entry to your property

* Leave a light and radio on when you go out at night

More detailed advice can be found on the North Yorkshire Police website www.northyorkshire.police.uk/crimeprevention

Since the start of 2012, North Yorkshire Police have made more than 140 arrests in connection with burglaries.