Police look to recruit special contstables

North Yorkshire Police are looking for new Special Constables.

The campaign launched this week as those who were recruited last year draw near to the completion of their training.

The qualities needed by specials include being a good team player, the ability to stay calm in a crisis, communicating clearly, resolving disputes sensitively and being able to think laterally to solve problems.

Candidates who are successful in the recruitment process will then need to complete a training course. Training takes place at weekends and evenings at a number of venues across the force.

Once they have successfully completed their training special constables will receive their warrant cards at an attestation ceremony at a magistrates’ court.

Once trained and attested specials are expected to perform at least four hours duty per week, working alongside regular officers.

Specials perform the same range of duties, from dealing with anti-social behaviour, taking reports from victims of crime to dealing with motoring offences and carrying out reassurance patrols.

Superintendent Richard Anderson said: “I am pleased we are able to offer potential new recruits the chance to join the ranks of the Special Constabulary. I am full of admiration for the specials who give up their free time to serve their communities and see the crucial work they do, helping to reduce crime.

“Specials come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a range of day jobs, which means that they bring with them a whole host of skills and abilities which complement those of their regular colleagues.”

Special Strategic Officer Jerry Holland, who is the most senior Special Constable serving with North Yorkshire Police, said: “I can honestly say that I have never regretted joining the specials. Working alongside and having the respect of regular colleagues has brought me a great deal of pride and personal satisfaction.”

There is no specific deadline for applications. The recruitment process is on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Anyone interested in joining the ranks of the Special Constabulary can visit website www.northyorkshire.police.uk/specials, Twitter @NYorksPolice, Facebook Facebook.com/NorthYorkshirePolice or email specialsrecruitment@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.