Police alert residents to crime spree

Police are warning residents to be extra-vigilant after a series of burglaries across the Wetherby area.

Homes have been targeted in Wetherby and Scholes, as well as the Thorp Arch area, and Wetherby Police are now urging residents to ensure they take adequate security measures.

Three break-ins have been reported since Monday via Wetherby’s Neighbourhood policing team’s Twitter account, with laptops, cash and a car being reported as stolen.

As part of the burglary crackdown, and in light of recent incidents, residents are being urged to take extra measures to increase their own home security.

Sgt Christian Fletcher, of Wetherby Neighbourhood and Policing team, said: “The message has got to be that, as summer is upon us, and the weather is getting hotter we want people in the Wetherby area to be extra vigilant, and to keep doors and windows locked at all times.

“Tackling burglary remains a priority for the Wetherby Neighbourhood Policing Team on a daily basis.

“We have extra patrols and security supplied from West Yorkshire Police to us in response to higher than usual burglary figures in April.”

A total of 20 burglaries and attempted burglaries took place in April within the Harewood and Wetherby ward, Sgt Fletcher said.

The monthly average figure for burglary rates in the Wetherby and Harewood area is around 13, police confirmed.

Maureen Brewer, of Wetherby District Crime and Prevention Panel, said: “These crimes have a heartbreaking affect on the people who are victims of these.”

To report a crime dial the police crime number 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.