Petition to get park goal posts back

Sandringham Park, Wetherby.
Sandringham Park, Wetherby.

A Wetherby football fan is so keen to see the return of goal posts at Wetherby’s Sandringham Park he says is going to set up his own petition.

Resident Tobias Tobin, who plays football at the park with his friends most nights – is calling for action to see the return of the goal posts at the park over the summer.

Tobias, 21, of Woodhill View, says he would like to see the posts returned after they were damaged and removed from the park last summer due to concerns in and around the park over anti-social behaviour and noise from residents.

Tobias, who works as a shop assistant at Morrison’s in Wetherby, and has been playing football in the park since he was 11, said: “I would be very happy to see the goal posts returned to the park, playing football is an essential way to keep fit and active for me and my friends and I have been using the park for a long time now, which I think is an asset to Wetherby.

“You are only young once in your life and I would like to enjoy it. We sometimes have as many of 20 of us playing at the park and in the summer we try and play most evenings, so seeing them return would be great.”

Tobias, who currently plays for Kirk Deighton Rangers and previously played for Wetherby Athletics, says he is not the only one who wants to see the return of the posts.

“I have spoken to lots of people in the area who agree with me and would like to see them return, a petition would definitely be something I would like to do and we would try and get as many people as possible to sign up.”

Tobias said that despite complaints from Friends of Sandringham Park Resident’s Association over anti-social behaviour last year, he and his friends were just wanting to have fun.

He said: “We don’t create noise or disturb anyone while we are down at the park and we treat the area respectfully, we just want to get on and play football, we don’t want to cause any trouble.”

Wetherby Town Clerk Barbara Ball said the decision had been made not to put the goal posts back after residents had attended a town council meeting earlier this year. She said: “This issue was raised last at a council meeting and it was decided by the council that we would not be putting up new goal posts at the moment.

This decision will be reviewed again in October after the summer. The council agreed that there were plenty of other sights available for young adults to play football in Wetherby, there was also concerns about noise and anti-social behaviour in and around the park which has been a raised by residents in the past. There was also health and safety to consider after the goal posts were being misused last time they were in the park.”