Missing Wetherby snake reunited with her owner

wet  Adele Carr with her North American corn snakes Millie (right) and Colin.  (130707M1b)
wet Adele Carr with her North American corn snakes Millie (right) and Colin. (130707M1b)

A North American Corn Snake missing for more than a week from a Wetherby house has been reunited with her owner.

Snake Millie disappeared from her tank in the living room of her home on Ceres Road on Thursday July 25 while owner Adele Carr was at work.

Desperate Adele, 43, appealed for help finding her beloved pet, asking friends and neighbours and putting posters up in local newsagents, Mason House Stores.

After the rumours of a missing three-foot long snake had got around the estate, Adele, visited her local newsagent and the owner told her a snake had been seen by her neighbours.

She said: “As soon as I heard the rumours I thought that is Millie, but I still didn’t know where she was, I eventually managed to track her down after speaking to three or four people at the RSPCA.

“I was absolutely devastated when she went missing, her husband Colin, my other snake, has not been eating and he wanted her back to look after her.

“She is a bit feisty at the moment as she has been mating and will lay her eggs soon.

“With snakes people are either fascinated or disgusted, they are not the slithering slimy things people think they are.”

North American Corn Snake Millie had been found just a street away by residents Stan and Irene Maltby on Syke Road.

They were alerted to the animal when it tried to bite a van delivery driver on their garden path.

The couple called the RSPCA and officers who took away the snake until its owner could be traced.

The North American Corn Snake, which is orange or brownish-yellow, with large, black-edged blotches is carnivorous and its natural habitat is woodland, forest and shrubs.

It is native to North America and can be found in the southeastern United States ranging from New Jersey to the Florida Keys and as far west as Texas.

Ms Carr, who has had pet snake Millie for four years, and fellow snake Colin for seven years, believes the reptile slid out of her tank from the living room and slithered out of an open window she had left open before work during the hot weather.

The resident was eventually reunited with Millie after tracking her down and collecting her from a reptile house in Morley, where she had been kept.

She said: “I am just glad to get her back and glad she is alive.

“She has been on a real adventure.”