Man’s death due to ‘drug overdose’

A 23-year-old Collingham man who collapsed and died from a drug overdose may have bought the drugs over the internet, an inquest heard this week.

Benjamin Dagworthy, of Low Croft, Collingham, was found dead in a grass verge in an “isolated” spot in Stockeld Park estate near Sicklinghall on September 7 this year.

Harrogate Magistrates Court heard how the 23-year-old, who has previously been treated for drug and alcohol problems as a teenager, had been ordering substances, including legal highs, over the internet before his death.

A post-mortem examination showed the 23-year-old had taken a high dosage of little-known illegal drug Methylone shortly before his death.

The drug, which acts as a chemical stimulant, is similar in side effects to recreational drugs MCat and Ecstasy, coroner Rob Turnbull said at Harrogate Coroner’s Court on Tuesday.

The inquest heard how Ben, who lived with his parents Julie and Eric and older brother Harvey, decided to go for a walk around 7pm on the evening before his body was found.

Ben phoned his mother at around 9.45pm that evening to tell her he would be home shortly but never returned.

His family reported him missing and his body was found by a walker the next day at around 2.15pm.

A family statement read out at the inquest said: “Ben was a kind and sensitive young man who had a troubled adolescence.

“We supported him in every way we could to cope with his problems, and despite a couple of relapses, he appeared to be doing well.

“We know that on September 6, Ben collected an envelope from the post office. We do not know what exactly it contained.

“We are saddened these online drugs were so easy to obtain.

“Ben was a vulnerable and easy target and we are devastated by his death.”

The inquest heard how the family had become aware of Ben ordering substances online and had explained to him the dangers of this.

The 23-year-old, who had a weekend job at Mcdonald’s and was looking for full-time work on the day of his death, “appeared to be doing well,” the inquest heard from his family.

Coroner Rob Turnbull recorded a verdict of accidental death.