Long tailbacks as drivers are caught in chaos

NAWN 1306251AM1 Matthew Robinson in Harewood. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1306251AM1)
NAWN 1306251AM1 Matthew Robinson in Harewood. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1306251AM1)

Traffic chaos at Harewood is frustrating drivers and causing jam-packed queues, a Collingham resident has claimed.

Nicholas Rostron, who is in his 40s, said the problem of traffic on Harewood Road has been causing problems and queues on Harewood Road going into the village from East Keswick.

Speaking to the News, Mr Rostron said: “From our observations of using this route into Harewood, Harrogate and Leeds, it is a regular occurrence of traffic backing up along Harewood Avenue in the morning and evening sometimes beyond the East Keswick turning on Moor Lane.

“I believe the traffic management is not set up correctly, also that if there was restricted parking on the left hand side in Harewood between, for example 7-10am and 3-6pm then this would allow two lines of traffic to flow.

Mr Rostron said his wife, Emma often takes her children to school and experiences problems.

“I think motorists do expect some heavier traffic when events are on at Harewood House and there are usually very good AA signs making motorists aware of the event dates but the traffic problem of queues were nothing to do with events.”

Coun Matthew Robinson (Harewood, Conservative) said the issue had been raised, with a proposed traffic regulation order, to restrict parking.

He said: “We want to keep the traffic moving and obviously with the traffic on a morning and two schools there all going through a single point, we want traffic to keep moving as much as possible.”

“Officers have visited the site and we are aware it is a problem. We will continue to monitor the situation.”

A spokesman for Leeds City Council said: “We are aware of concerns from people using this junction and we are mindful that it is a very busy junction.

“We do, however, have to be careful that we don’t cause queues on the main road simply to ease problems on the slip road – which makes managing the junction a fine balancing act.”

They will monitor the road.