Harrogate father and son bikers sped past undercover police at 110mph

Police in Harrogate
Police in Harrogate

A Harrogate father and son clocked speeding at more than 100mph by unmarked police have been banned from driving.

Steven John Maloney, 58, and his 30-year-old son Ashley Richard Maloney, were speeding between Tadcaster and Sherburn in Elmet on May 9 last year.

However, unbeknownst to them, the pair were being followed by an officer riding an unmarked police motorcycle who caught them at speeds of up to 110mph.

At Northallerton Magistrates' Court yesterday (April 26), both the men were found guilty and ordered to pay collective fines of more £2,000.

Traffic Constable Martin Hayes of North Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Group said: “The two riders in this case chose to ride at excessively high speeds and are now suffering the consequences of that choice.

“As the motorcycling season begins, this should serve as a reminder to all road users that we welcome law-abiding drivers and riders to North Yorkshire to enjoy the roads and ride responsibly.

“However, North Yorkshire Police employs a number of enforcement methods including the use of marked and unmarked cars and motorcycles along with the safety camera vans and the courts will deal robustly with any offences reported to them.”

They were both also sentenced to 70 days disqualification driving with a fine of £1,050 for the father and £1,130 for the son.