Free police home security checks offer

With long winter nights looming fast Wetherby police are offering free home security checks.

And they are urging householders to take advantage of Wetherby and District Crime Prevention team’s UPVC door lock replacement program.

Chairman Maureen Brewer said: “While PCs and PCSOs carry out your requested free home security survey they often find the door locks are not up to the current required standard.

“You will be asked if the Wetherby Crime Panel may call and discuss the replacement service the Crime Panel are carrying out.

“The replacement locks cost £37.50p each and usually only take minutes to change.”

And Maureen urged people to take some basic precautions themselves.

Have you check that your security lights are working correctly and that when they switch on they are pointing in the correct direction?

“They do not need to light up your neighbours’ area also.

“This may be deemed to be a nuisance so check them carefully.

“When putting your garden items into storage for the winter did you Post Code them all?

“Have you secured your ladders to the floor or wall with a good padlock?

“Do you carry out the school run?

“Before leaving your property do you always make sure all your doors and windows are secure? That includes garage doors and that your side gates bolted so that no one can enter while you are out.

“It only takes seconds for the opportunist burglar’ to enter your property.”

Anyone interested in having a free police survey should contact Wetherby NPT on 0113 285 5374 and leave contact details or Wetherby Police Station Monday to Saturday 10.30am-4pm.