Figures show crime is not rising in the policing area

Stock - House Robber / Burglar / burglary / break in
Stock - House Robber / Burglar / burglary / break in

Generally speaking the area policed from Wetherby police station is considered a low crime area.

However, there are always peaks and troughs.

Police stock

Police stock

As part of my duties I produce a monthly report for the area regarding recorded crime.

I make comparisons with previous years and can report that contrary to the belief of some, crime is not on the rise, particularly in our area.

That said, being a victim of crime, any crime, can be a traumatic experience and the profound effect crime can have on people’s lives should never be under estimated.

The police continue in their endeavours to prevent and deter crime while also seeking to bring offenders to justice.

Looking at the area over the month of February we see some significant developments.

You may recall the alleged attack at a family home in Collingham by masked intruders.

I can report that extensive enquiries have resulted in one male being arrested and charged with this offence.

Two other men have also been arrested and remain on police bail pending the outcome of further enquiries.

On other matters, drugs in the community continue to be an area of concern.

As recently as last week, officers from Wetherby and Knaresborough engaged in a cross border initiative which saw a significant amount of drugs being recovered at a Wetherby address and two people were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply drugs.

Current ongoing enquiries to secure a prosecution against these two persons prevent me from going into more detail at this time but I will keep you appraised of developments in this column.

From information provided from the majority of law abiding residents in the area and through our own investigations it is anticipated that we will shortly be making uninvited visits to other addresses of people who think it is acceptable to deal drugs.

Other preventable crime also proves to be time consuming for officers in their daily duties.

Last month I mentioned individuals committing thefts from motor vehicles by simply trying door handles until they find one unlocked. Sadly this trend of people not securing their property continues.

Please take a few moments to consider the security of your property whether it is your car, garage, shed or house.

Don’t leave valuable property on view in your garden or on your drive. Don’t leave your garage door open during the day for the opportunist thieves that are out there to see what you have.

Interestingly of around 95 crimes recorded in February across the area 52 were theft related. These, as I have mentioned, are often opportunistic crimes.

Finally a reminder - we rely on the community to be our eyes and ears and encourage residents to report any suspicious activity.

Please make use of the 999 and 101 facility and I would encourage readers to familiarise themselves with the West and North Yorkshire Police websites from which you can find out information in your area.

You can also follow us on Facebook. The search for matters pertaining to Wetherby and the villages can be located by searching Facebook for West Yorkshire Police - Outer North East.