Crime affects community so play your part in prevention

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Last month I spoke of the area being considered to be a low crime area.

In general that is the case, however this can have the effect of crime in the locality being more impactive as people are generally not used to being the victim of crime or seeing the effect of crime in their community.

The whole district policed by Wetherby Police Station are fortunate to have many large and smaller businesses that provide services and jobs.

Among these are the local shops, pubs and restaurants. These also attract visitors to the area and sustain the local economy.

It is, therefore, particularly frustrating when 99.9 per cent of the community who appreciate what we have and where we live or work, see something like vandalism.

At around 11pm on Saturday April 2, two such small businesses on Crossley Street, in Wetherby, were victimns of mindless and inexcusable damage.

Early indications are that local youths are responsible. Names have been mentioned and the investigation is underway to bring these people to account.

Anybody with any information is encouraged to contact Wetherby Police. The details of how to do so appear at the end of this column.

You can remain anonymous if you wish when providing any information.

In other news, sadly the district did suffer a number of burglary dwellings in the early part of March.

Some 11 burglaries were reported across the area and I can report that arrests have been made in relation to six of these offences.

It would appear that the suspects are not local people but are unwanted visitors to the area.

Early indications in the ongoing investigation would appear to suggest that the same arrested persons were responsible for the majority of the offences reported.

Our CID are continuing their enquiries into these burglaries which I understand are likely to be protracted due to the number of offences the suspects are under investigation for. The ultimate aim being to place these persons before court.

Looking back 12 months there were 16 burglaries reported in March of 2015 as opposed to the 11 reported in 2016.

If you require security advice this can be offered by officers at Wetherby who are happy to attend your home and offer the appropriate advice by way of a home security check.

However, it has been said before and I make no apology for mentioning it again, you can take basic measures to ensure you don’t become a victim.

Lock your doors even when you are at home and double check your windows and doors are secure when you do go out. Sadly we often make the commission of these offences very easy for the perpetrators.

But that said the area is a great place to live and work and crime in the district remains the exception and not the norm.

Please help us and yourselves keep it that way.

I reiterate. We rely on the community to be our eyes and ears and encourage residents to report any suspicious activity.

Please make use of the 999 and 101 facility and I would encourage readers to familiarise themselves with the West and North Yorkshire police websites from which you can find out information in your area.

You can also follow us on Facebook. The search for matters pertaining to Wetherby and the villages can be located by searching for West Yorkshire Police- Outer North East.