Court battle over car park set to continue

Samuel Smiths Brewery, Tadcaster.  5 March 2012.  Picture Bruce Rollinson
Samuel Smiths Brewery, Tadcaster. 5 March 2012. Picture Bruce Rollinson

A long-running High Court battle over the resurfacing of Tadcaster’s main car park looks set to continue between Selby District Council and a Tadcaster brewery.

Samuel Smith’s Brewery are now believed to have lodged an application appeal over a ruling by the High Court this month, which saw the company lose their legal challenge to have Tadcaster’s Central Area Car Park covered in York stone to match its surroundings.

The brewery company had asked Mr Justice Kenneth Parker, sitting in London, to quash the granting of planning permission for an ashphalt scheme by the council in favour of the York Stone - of which the brewery would cover the extra cost.

The brewery – which has a long history of bringing legal challenges to protect conservation interests in and around Tadcaster – claimed that Selby District Council’s scheme was “irrational” because it would look out of place in an “exceptional” and “historic” townscape.

However the claim was dismissed by Judge Kenneth Parker, who recognised that stone might well be a superior surface, but concluded that ashphalt was acceptable for a car park, the majority of which is owned by Selby District Council.

A council spokesman said the car park resurfacing scheme was part of a long-term commitment to supporting local retailers in the town by offering good quality parking.

The council has been trying to resurface the car park- which is currently covered in ashphalt- for the last decade.

Speaking before the appeal application was made, council leader Mark Crane, said he wanted to “give Tadcaster facilities it needs to support the local economy” but that this process had been halted by the lengthy legal challenge. He added: “One of the council’s key priorities is to tackle the tough stuff - and that means not being afraid to take on difficult projects such as this.

When contacted by the News, a spokesman for Samuel Smith’s Brewery declined to comment.