Car theft warning advice

Crime prevention experts in Wetherby are warning car owners to be on their guard.

They warned that a number of burglaries are committed simply to obtain car keys to take vehicles left in driveways.

Chairman of the Wetherby and District Crime Prevention Panel, Maureen Brewer said: “With modern cars being fitted with an immobiliser as standard the days of ‘Hot Wiring’ a car to steal it are past.

“To take a modern car the thief needs the keys.”

To prevent what is commonly known as Hannoi Burglaries, she urged: “Firstly the majority of stolen cars are taken when parked on the street or in driveways so if you have a garage use it.

“You may have already told your insurance company you garage your car overnight so, leaving your car on the driveway may cause insurance problems if stolen.

“Always keep your car keys out of sight.

“Do not leave them on the hall table or kitchen worktop as keys can be hooked through letter boxes and cat flaps using garden poles.

“Do not leave them hanging in the door lock with your house keys.

“Take a few precautions to hide your car keys and garage your car overnight.”

For further information contact your local crime reduction officer by dialling 101 and asking for a crime reduction officer.