Burst water pipe in Bramham

Burst water pipe in Bramham. (S
Burst water pipe in Bramham. (S

A BURST water pipe fired 40 feet of water in the air and threw rocks the size of a fist over a quiet residential road in Bramham on Monday.

A fountain of water shot out from underground in the middle of the road opposite Bramham Medical Centre causing road closures and traffic delays at around 4.30pm on Clifford Road.

Residents and passers-by stared in disbelief as the water burst from the pipe, causing chaos.

Dog walker Richie Womersley, who was travelling into Bramham by car at the time when the incident happened, told the Wetherby News: “I arrived on the scene and the water must have been at least 40 feet high and was coming out at, I would say, around 120mph. It was utter chaos.

“The water was coming straight up from the middle of the road and it was spurting out debris the size of your fist in the air. I was very concerned about people’s safety and tried to clear the area as this was a major hazard to the public I felt. The water was falling all over the place onto nearby houses and I knew it could be dangerous and was worried about people being injured and cars being damaged.”

Richie called the police who arrived on the scene at around 5pm to block off the road to traffic and pedestrians. Yorkshire Water later arrived at the scene.

Dawn Loynes, who works at Bramham Medical Centre and saw the action unfold, said: “The burst pipe seemed quite small at first but then became even more forceful as time went on and the water then shooted out. It was quite spectacular to watch and plenty of people stopped by to see what was going on, though it is terrible for the people next door to us whose house got covered with all the flood water.”

Yorkshire Water said that 150 properties in the nearby area were affected and had their supply cut or suffered reduced pressure for several hours after the burst.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “We apologise to any customers who may have been affected by a burst on a 12 inch water pipe on Clifford Road in Bramham . The burst, which was on a large, highly pressurised water pipe, has now been fixed and the repair work to the surrounding road and pavement will be completed this week. We would like to thank customers in the area for their patience and will be working as quickly as possible to have the road back to normal.”

Wetherby Police confirmed they were called to the scene and cordoned off the road from Front Street to New Road. It was later reopened, with boards put up around the gap in the road to prevent damage to vehicles.